Chiesa di San Pancrazio

The church dedicated to the bishop and patron of Taormina dates back to the eighteenth century. The Baroque style building was built on the ruins of the Greek temple of Jupiter Serapis. The entrance to the church is preceded by a courtyard enclosed by a masonry arch. At the base there are large stone blocks of Taormina, probably belonging to the ancient temple. Inside you can admire valuable works of sacred art, including the fresco depicting the martyrdom of S. Pancrazio. The patron saint of Taormina was born in Antioch and was sent by St. Peter in Sicily as Bishop of Taormina. In Sicily he succeeded in converting many pagans, his enemies during a banquet wanted to force him to kiss a wooden idol, but the bishop with a sign of the cross reduced him to pieces. This gesture cost him his life, in fact, he was tortured and killed.